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Get drunk on history, architecture and sunshine!

The port city of Civitavecchia lies about an hour from Italy’s capital and is where yourMSC luxury cruise liner will dock before taking lucky holiday-makers to the city of Rome.

Rome – where do we start? It is the ultimate vacation destination. There is perhaps no other city so crammed full of history, with layer upon layer of fabulous ruins, imperial temples…not to mention Etruscan tombs, early Christian churches, medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas. 

And all of these magnificent sights lie under the extraordinary warmth and light of the Roman sun. 

Rome truly is a dream city and will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of yourMediterranean cruise

The most convenient way to experience this city is to join us on one of our day trips; as there is so much to do, our comprehensive excursion packages really cover the best that this city has to offer, including great deals on all the sights. In Rome you will find that an extraordinary concentration of history, legend and monuments coexists with an equally extraordinary concentration of people busily going about their everyday life. 

So be sure to get your cultural fill but allow time for more hedonistic concerns too… dine on the famous Roman cuisine till you can eat no more and get drunk on architecture and sunshine! 

Our stop at Civitavecchia/Rome will truly provide a day off ship unlike any other – and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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Tūres Ilgums* Cena*
ROME, CLASSIC TOUR (8 stundas)

Leaving the port, an approx. 1.5-hour coach drive will take you to Rome, one of the world’s greatest cities and unique in its eclectic blend of charm, history and art. Your tour guide will meet you on arrival to lead you around the city on a varied itinerary that includes external visits at the Colosseum and Roman Forum. You can even attend the Pope’s weekly Angelus on St. Peter’s Square and admire the splendid Bernini Column. You will have time to explore on your own and, if you like, visit the Basilica. Your guide will be happy to provide information on the site beforehand. A break will be made for lunch in a restaurant, after which the excursion continues with a walking tour to Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and around the elegant Piazza Navona. On taking leave of your Roman guide, you will return to the port.

8 stundas



ROME ON YOUR OWN (8 stundas)

This unguided tour of Rome begins with an approx. 1.5-hour drive by coach, after which you can spend the entire day exploring “The Eternal City” – the capital of Italy – at your leisure. Instructions on how best to get around town and a map showing the main sights and monuments will be provided. Some of the must-sees Rome is known for include the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the beautiful Piazza Navona in old Rome, the neighbouring Vatican City State and the Trevi Fountain in Rome’s modern centre, to name but a few. As one of the world’s fashion capitals, the city is also choc-full of superb shopping facilities. Further sights include the magnificent Bernini Column on St. Peter’s Square, which is also the site of the Pope’s Sunday Angelus.

8 stundas



Gran Tour of Rome, The Eternal City (8 stundas)

This excursion combines two of the most important aspects of Rome: Christianity and antiquity. Bus transfer to Rome (1.5 hours) to meet the guide and start the tour with a visit to the Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. You will look around this impressive edifice, built to hold up to 50.000 people and where the Romans used to watch the cruel gladiators combats. The tour continues with a stroll around Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, an ancient temple built in honour of seven important Roman deities. Stop for lunch in a typical Italian restaurant. The afternoon will be dedicated to the home of Christianity as you pay a visit to St. Peter's Square: free time to explore the square or to visit the Basilica independently after receiving information from the guide outside the site. After leaving the guide in Rome will return to the port. 


8 stundas



Rome & The wonders of the Vatican Museum (8 stundas)

A 1.5-hour bus transfer will take you to Rome where your guide will provide a sightseeing tour of Rome’s key monuments including the Aurelian Walls, the Pyramid, Caracalla’s Baths, the Circus Massimus, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Venice Square and the romantic “Lungotevere”: all from the comfort of your coach. We will proceed to the Vatican area where, after a short walk, you will reach the Vatican Museum. This excursion allows you privileged access to the site, avoiding the long queues. Enjoy a guided tour inside one of the world’s most famous museums, admiring the masterpieces commissioned by the Roman Popes and which have been collected and preserved during the ages. See inside the Sistine Chapel, marvel at the exquisite frescoes by Michaelangelo and other XV century artists from Tuscany and Umbria. Free time for lunch (not-inclusive) followed by a guided tour of “Piazza San Pietro” and the Basilica. The return to the port will be unguided.

8 stundas



ROME, BAROQUE TOUR (8 stundas)

Rome – one of the world’s most iconic cities that is both steeped in history and rich in Italian charm – awaits you after an approx. 1.5-hour coach drive from Civitavecchia. A city guide will be on hand to meet you on arrival and then escort you on a Roman tour that includes external viewings of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. The Pope’s weekly Angelus – held on St. Peter’s Square every Sunday – can also be attended, giving you a chance to admire the splendid Bernini Column at the same time. Free time to explore on your own will be made available as well. A visit to the Basilica is well worthwhile – your guide will provide information on the site beforehand. The excursion draws to a close with a walk to Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the lovely Piazza Navona. After saying goodbye to your guide, you will return to the port. Please note: the excursion includes a long walking tour. Lunch is not included in the price of the excursion and is at the clients’ charge. The possibility of attending the “Angelus” will be reconfirmed on board as it depends on the Vatican’s programmes and is foreseen only during Sunday calls. During the autumn and the winter, it may be dusk when we visit some of the sites. Conservative attire is recommended for visiting sites of religious importance.

8 stundas




While Rome was certainly not built in a day, this easy-going tour lets you check out the eternal city’s most iconic locations in just under 8 hours! After about a 90-minute drive to meet your guide, you will first make your way up Aventine Hill for a peek at the Basilica of St. Peter through the so-called keyhole in the grounds of the impressive Villa del Priorato di Malta. Your route around Rome will also include views of the Pyramid of Cestius, Caracalla Baths, Circus Maximus, Colosseum, the Bocca della Verità (the Mouth of Truth) fountain as well as the Roman theatre and the splendid Piazza and Palazzo Barberini. Your jaunt through living history will be followed by a pleasure of a decidedly more modern and urbane kind: shopping in the city’s cult fashion district all around Piazza del Popolo right down to Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, Via Frattina and Piazza di Spagna. Splurge, if you feel the urge, on the high-end jewellery and couture fashions presented in the glossy retail outlets of Italian and international designers or simply gather inspiration during a bit of window shopping ahead of your 90-minute drive back to the ship, during which you can relax and relive the memories of your fabulous time in Rome.

8 stundas



ROME SIGHTSEEING (5 hours) (5 stundas)

Leave the port for a 1.5-hour drive to Italy’s capital city and experience one of the most comfortable ways to visit Rome with a sightseeing coach tour of all the attractions that make up this “Eternal City”. You will see the Cestia Pyramid, Caracalla Baths, “Circus Massimus”, the Colosseum and the famous “Bocca della Verità” fountain as well as Via Veneto, Piazza Barberini, and the romantic “Lungotevere”. We will then drop you off at the Vatican where you will have free time to wander the tranquil backstreets of the Vatican State or visit Saint Peter’s Basilica on your own. The return to the port will be unguided. Please note: guests will be met in Rome by the guides.

5 stundas



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